Garden Design Ideas (ZaleBox) – App Review


Discover gardening design ideas through this mobile app for your food growing project(s) – Garden Design Ideas (ZaleBox).


It’s an app that let pictures do the talking and it covers various types of garden designs & decorations.

Balcony Garden


Patio / Terrace Garden



Container Garden


Garden Ponds


The app’s user interface design is rather clumsy. There is no option to zoom in or out of a desired image while the ‘back and forward’ button for retrieving images is placed too close to the advertisement. It gets annoying when your thumb accidentally clicked on the advertisement as it will load the advertisement’s browser.

The gardening design ideas and decorations are limited, therefore it serves great only as an optional medium for ideas. Arguably some commented that certain images may not subjectively satisfy the key rules of photo composition.

The app is available on Google Play

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