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Cocktails and mocktails are popular drinks served in bars and many restaurants. ‘Mocktail’ will be the focus of today’s article. To start off, what is ‘Mocktail’?


Mocktail is any mixed drink that does not have any spirits or alcohol. The name mocktail is derived the word ‘mock’ meaning to “imitate or mimic” referring to mocktails imitating a cocktail as it seems very similar to a cocktail but does not have alcohol or any other spirits.

Many mocktails are cocktails that remove the alcohol. These are termed with a Virgin added to the front of their name. For example, Piña Colada, a coconut/pineapple drink has white rum in the cocktail, while a Virgin Piña Colada, has the exact same ingredients but does not include the rum in the drink. Mocktails are made using juices, cream, sugar, honey, fruits, herbs and/or soda.

Here are some delightful mocktail ideas.

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Have fun with these recipes! 🙂


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