World of Beer – App Review


It’s beer month in Malaysia where Oktoberfest is pretty much the talk of the town, I thought we’d have a look at some beer app.

I thought World of Beer is an app that showcases worldwide catalog of beer but it seems like World of Beer is a brand itself. Unfortunately the app is currently focused only on America, which is fine actually. I believe it’ll cover the International market once everything is settled.

Tap on Find a Beer and you’re presented a list of locations in the United States.

Select a location and you’ll see a list of beer.

I think they did a good job in getting the details into the beers on the list.

You can even filter them by ABV….

filter them by color….

filter them by country….

filter them by style….

filter them by loyalty…. , this refers to the loyalty program offered by WOB.

The app comes with news, a rather outdated one.

And it also lists upcoming events for the location, which I think is a really neat feature to have. People would love to know where to hangout.

As you can see, there’s where all the locations are at the moment.

For beer lovers out there, I think this is a good app. Whether it reaches your country is really beyond speculation but you do get to find out what the Americans are enjoying.

The app is available on Google Play.

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