Angus O’Neil’s Root Beer


What? Another ____ Beer product? Yes, apparently I’ve been checking out the many brands of _____ beer in the market and it’s Angus O’Neil’s turn.


Unlike the rest of the Root Beer, the moment I drank my first sip of Angus O’Neil’s Root Beer, its taste reminds me of those random lesser known brand of root beer in the market. In fact, like how some people described, it tastes like F&N Sarsi.

The beer retails at RM 4.99, and unlike the other brands, I can’t find any official website for Angus O’Neil.

If you’re looking for great root beer taste, I highly recommend Stewart’s. Angus O’Neil? Well, you’re better off paying for a 1.5L root beer that costs only half of this 375ml bottle.

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