Dream Kitchens by Fu-Tung Cheng – Book Review


Creating a great kitchen is a lot like creating a great meal: you must begin with a good recipe, use top quality ingredients, and execute the plan carefully and skillfully.

says Fu-Tung Cheng, the author of the book titled ‘Dream Kitchens’. The book reveals a range of ideas about how this part of the house should function.


Book Description

Dream Kitchens is a creative and hands-on sourcebook that combines detailed steps for remodeling your kitchen with unique ways to transform your old spaces into something new. Make your kitchen practical and functional, as well as dynamic and beautiful, by following the kitchen design secrets revealed within. Featuring hundreds of kitchens and packed with in-depth design information, this book is the ultimate guide to kitchen design.

Three books in one, Dream Kitchens is a kitchen guidebook, a kitchen idea book and a kitchen workbook. With hundreds of photos and detailed design concepts for creating the kitchen of your dreams, this is the only book you’ll need to renovate your kitchen space.

A kitchen guidebook offers clear interior design advice to help you make informed decisions about updating a kitchen. A kitchen ideabook profiles ten modern kitchen renovations, detailing the unique ideas, challenges, and solutions that make each one a success. Finally, a kitchen workbook, packed with pages to help keep you on budget and on schedule, asks key questions to help you plan ahead for each phase of your kitchen project.

This unique book is an essential design guide to creating the kitchen you’ve always wanted.


With the content marshaled into 17 chapters – (1) Foreword, (2) Introduction, (3) Getting to the heart of the kitchen, (4) Kitchen cookbook, (5) Kitchens that work, (6) Kitchen ideabook, (7) Cooks’ kitchen, (8) Kitchens as havens, (9) Kitchens as gathering places, (10) Kitchen traditions, (11) Kitchen workbook, (12) Resources, (13) Photo credits, (14) Design directory, (15) Index, (16) About the authors, and (17) Acknowledgements; it’s definitely not a book for beginners. The key to using the book effectively is to know what information to seek from the book.

The content structure is far from systematic, therefore you as a reader is advisable to have some basics before you embark on the journey of the book. The approach is least straight-forward despite having a wealth of useful information great for managing kitchen renovation works. The main attraction of the book lies on its wide range of kitchen theme ideas.

The book also illustrates profiles of successful kitchen renovations and practical insight of kitchen design from the viewpoint of the professional chefs and the cooking industry greats. These are the plus points on why you should consider if the book is still available at your community.

In a nutshell, it’s a book that promotes interactivity at the reader’s end. The condition laid by the author to the reader is clear: as a reader of the book, you are expected to know — the basics of kitchen design and renovation, what information to seek from the book, where to locate the information found in the book and learning how to apply the information to your ongoing kitchen renovation project(s).


Fu-Tung Cheng. Dream Kitchens – Recipes and Ideas for Modern Kitchens (San Diego: Thunder Bay Press, 2002), 16.

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