Healthy Late Night Snack Ideas


Are you those who frequently raid the fridge in the middle of the night and yet conscious of your diet?


Here are a few healthy late night snack ideas.


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  1. I make a great ddeokbogki). We bhgout ppaeppaero as one of the snacks we had for my grand-daughter’s 1st birthday party this past weekend. We had the almond and original very good!I have to wonder how much like our chocolate moon pies the chocopies are. They look the same. Actually, I saw them at Choi’s market this weekend while shopping for the party. I do love a good moon pie on occasion so these would be good too.Hmm, which will win out on my desire to taste test for the first time . I think I’ll have to go with the ppusyeo ppusyeo the ddeokbogki flavor just won me over!Thank you for building this website! I am attempting to self teach Korean as there are no colleges near me that teach it. I’ve learned a bit and can actually follow my son-in-law when he talks slowly enough but I want to be able to carry on a conversation. Also, my grand-daughter is being brought up bilingual English/Korean. My plan is to go to Tae Baek in the next year or so with my daughter and her family to get to know the rest of his family over there and learn, hands on, more about Korean culture.

  2. Un dessert, tout simple et qui change un peu, je pense que je vais essayer ce mélange d'épices pour ma gelée de coings, j'ai déjà essayé coing-fève tonka, coing-zeste d'orange-cardamome.encore merci pour cette recette

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