Hello Kitty Cafe – App Review


Hello Kitty has turned 40 this year! She made her first appearance in 1974 and her fans grew throughout the world ever since. In conjunction with the worldwide celebration of Hello Kitty’s 40th Anniversary, let’s explore the app version of the brand – Hello Kitty Cafe.



Help Kitty run the day-to-day cafe operations by playing the character of Pompompurin, a golden retriever dog.

Image credit: https://sanriocharacterranking.com/

It’s a fun and simple game with sets of challenges that will test your speed and strategic planning. The challenge is to serve food to all your customers as quickly and efficiently as possible in order to keep them from walking out dissatisfied. There’re options to upgrade your recipes, cafe decor and hiring additional worker to suit your cafe’s growing demands.

Here are a few scenarios when you’re doing a bad job in serving your customers.


game_1 (getting impatient)

If your cafe consistently serves good food and provides great service, a mystery VIP guest might drop by.


It’s a fun game filled with cuteness. Oh, what a great way to kill time with thumb muscle exercises! 🙂

The app is available on Google Play.


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