Nourish! is a magazine sold at our local bookstore for RM10 per copy. Unlike the other magazines I have reviewed – Sedap, Rasa and Flavours, the Nourish! magazine focuses on a different facet of food.


It gives insight news and coverage of the food, beverage and hospitality industry in Malaysia since 2009. With a team of solid background in business journalism and publishing, the magazine is recommended for foodie who wishes to learn more about the food industry within our own backyard.

Not touching much on the lifestyle aspect of food, the content contains many delicious stories of our local growing Agro-based food products and brands, the nutraceutical aspect of food, the food culture, the Halal industry, the hospitality and the culinary education industry. In between, there will be recipes of our local menu for readers who seek hands-on fun and adventure in the kitchen.

This edition in particular, ‘The Northern Issue’ shares stories about the food and beverage industry of the state of Penang. It’s a glimpse of the welfare of the state and did you know? A thriving industry as it seems,

George Town (the capital of the state of Penang) as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site is long regarded as the food capital of South East Asia where it entices visitors with its multicultural food choices.

The Penang authorities have established the Penang International Halal Hub in effort to expand the Halal industries in the state as a whole.

And last but not least in this endless list of tireless food figures, the organizers of the Asia Food Festivals 2014, who have worked relentlessly over past months to materialize a food show of incredible magnitude.

Visit the website and Facebook page to learn more.


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