A Cooking Session with Tefal


The brand ‘Tefal‘ is no stranger to us locals as it is known for its high quality range of cookware. A brand of French origin, the cookware and small appliance manufacturer is owned by Groupe SEB.


Catering to the needs of our hectic lifestyle, Tefal is offering the latest range of cookware that are not only convenient but help us to save time and cook healthily. Bringing the best to our homes, we had a foretaste of its goodness with our local celebrity Chef Rohani Jelani to walk us through at her Bayan Indah The Culinary Retreat.


Chef Rohani Jelani is showing us how to cook pancake (a texture quite similar to roti jala) using Tefal Titanium Pancake Pan.


These ladies are working on the fillings of the savoury pancake with much ease using the Tefal City Cook Wokpan.


Our dear friend here is making mango slush via Tefal Blendforce Maxi Glass BL233. The blender is capable of crushing chunky ice cubes into a perfectly smooth and slushy form and the blades section of the blender is detachable to ease cleaning.


The brown and white rice are cooked by Tefal Induction Rice Cooker DeliRice RK8061. The outcome of the cooked rice are impressive as each grain is finely cooked and fluffy in texture. However, it takes longer to cook brown rice (nearly an hour) as the procedure requires additional 15 minutes of soaking the grain before cooking, while the white rice takes 45 minutes to cook. The cooking method of the induction rice cooker is thorough as it cooks each grain from inside-out, in which explains the unconventional cooking duration.


It was a wonderful hands-on cooking session with Tefal as we get a peek at the range of products. The Tefal products presented in the session would definitely be a great addition to your kitchen cooking arsenal. Among them, my favourite is Tefal Induction Rice Cooker DeliRice RK8061 of which I find it useful as it brings out the best of each grain.

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