Aztech LollieEgg Roll Maker Review


The name raises quite some eyebrows here and there, especially to people who knows what the term “loli” mean.


The Aztech’s LollieEgg Roll Maker has only one purpose, and unique one if I may say so – make Egg Rolls.

*INFO : Loli is a term used to refer to prepubescent girl; especially in Japanese anime/manga.

With the Aztech LollieEgg Roll Maker you make egg rolls in simple steps and with consistency without having to monitor it. Just drop the eggs in and it’ll be done in 6 minutes or so, up to 8 minutes if the egg was chilled.


Here’s the package content, it comes with stuff like cleaning brush, packer, skew (5 of it) and spray bottle.


The Aztech LollieEgg Roll Maker is a 180w appliance, from our experiments it seems to draw about 200w from the wall when under operation. NOTE : It’s common to have wall draw being higher than the actual power draw, this is how electricity works.
Here’s what the outcome looks like.


User Experience

Setting up and using the Aztech LollieEgg Roll Maker is extremely easy, operation is straight forward and does not require any special skills. Put it simple, all you need to do is put the egg in and wait for the unit to get the job done in about 6 – 8 minutes.

Here’s a video we made to show how easy it is to use the appliance.

The build quality of the Aztech LollieEgg Roll Maker is decent but not great, the finish is of Cool Touch Aluminium and light-weight so it’s a pretty neat travel companion if you like personalized egg rolls that much. I like it that the power connector area has protection but as this is a review unit, after all one needs to do some cleaning after use.


Items like the cleaning brush for example was poorly made, our single attempt to clean the Aztech LollieEgg Roll Maker ended up with the sponge being stuck at the bottom of the heater column.

The Verdict

The Aztech LollieEgg Roll Maker retails at RM 69.90 – not cheap for something with a simple function, after all you could still the same eggs fried with a pan, minus the shape of course and electricity usage of course. 🙂

If you have children who love it then you might end up buying more than just 1 unit because it doesn’t make sense to spend 6 minutes per egg roll, that’s half an hour just to make 5!

Buy 1? Buy few? It’s up to you.

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