Christmas Offerings at Morganfield’s (Non-Halal)


Famous for their ribs, Morganfield’s spared no punches when it comes to offering a memorable feast for Christmas whether you are celebrating it early or late.


The MVP set in their Christmas offering is one that not only calling for attention but it’s as if they’re a black hole for meat lovers, only the strongest can resist. We made no effort to resist though, after all we’re there to dine. 😀


Read the description yet? Looks yummy right? We did not order the pork collar because we’re uncertain on the size of the MVP, and it’s a good thing we didn’t. I really hate to walk around feeling like a stuffed turkey.

Here’s the platter, and it’s huge!


Lo and behold, the meat and bones that are so delicious it makes drowns away all your worries in life.


Here’s a view of the pork rib, we would like to apologize to you if our article here caused you to be in hunger.


The MVP is available until 4th January 2015.

I love all the meat there, everythings perfectly cooked. No tough parts, no uncooked parts – it’s just slice and dine throughout the session. They could actually cut down on the fries and give a bit more greens. I love the grilled corn on cob but the corn bread and sausages are not to my liking.

If you’re going in packs of 3, make sure they are not those that are shy and are afraid of putting on a little weight. 😀

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