Discover Taipei’s Best Foods and Gifts in ‘Discover Taipei’ Magazine


If you’re planning to travel to Taipei, here’s a great tip for you – grab a copy of the magazine, “Discover Taipei” or download the pdf format. It’s an English language bimonthly magazine since 1998 from the Department of Information and Tourism, Taipei City Government.


It’s a magazine that introduces Taipei to both long-term foreign residents and short-term visitors from all over the world. It contains useful information about Taipei that will surely make your stay as a foreigner more fulfilling. Both domestic and oversea subscriptions are available to the public. Below is a glimpse at the content for November & December 2014 bimonthly issue.


There’s a section called “Taipei’s Best Foods and Gifts” that may attract foodies from all over the world.



The magazine covers many aspects of Taipei from lifestyle, business, culture, arts and performances, event guides to transportation information which serves as crucial and helpful information guide to a foreigner. The write ups are easy to follow and there are many attractive images and graphics for readers to indulge in. Be sure to read up in advance on what’s happening and where to feast to ease your travelling experience.

The magazine gets a thumbs up from me as I was totally hooked by the content that I couldn’t put it down! 🙂

The next bimonthly (January & February, 2015) issue is out, click here to view the pdf formats.

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