‘How to Feed your Baby with Healthy Homemade Meals’ by Sara Lewis


Starting solid foods diet is regarded as your baby’s development milestones. As parents, the challenge begins with how to introduce healthy yet delicious solid foods of a variety of flavours and taste to your baby. The book ‘How to Feed your Baby with Healthy Homemade Meals‘ by Sara Lewis may have the answers that you are seeking.


Book Description

Give your baby the very best starts in life with 50 easy-to-make step-by-step tempting recipes for deliciously wholesome purées and nutritional first solids.

– 50 step-by-step recipes for blended foods and first solid meals.

– Over 350 specially commissioned full-colour photographs, with every recipe shown in easy-to-follow stages.

– Authoritative advice on topics such as equipment, hygiene and food preparation, when to begin weaning, batch cooking, nutrition, fussy eating, going vegetarian, and much more.

– All your questions answered: one-stop problem-solver, plus hundreds of invaluable hints, tips and guidelines.

– How to give your baby good eating habits that will last for life.


It’s a thin book with nearly 90 pages of medium sized text and colourful images to view. The content is arranged according to the stages of your baby’s transitional period of weaning from milk feed to solid foods diet – Stage 1: First tastes – early weaning, Stage 2: Around six to six-and-a-half months, Stage 3: Seven to nine months, Stage 4: Nine to twelve months, and the final Stage: From baby to toddler.

The author offers practical tips and guides for parents on how BEST to cope with hygiene and eating issues with children. The book covers areas such as coping with fussy child eaters, the importance of varied diets; teaching your baby to feed on their own and coping with the mess; how to introduce first tastes in the early weaning process; how to reheat, freeze and use a microwave for baby food; how to handle food preparation and sterilizing utensils; and more.

It’s also a good source of reference for baby food recipes. Namely a few recipes – lamb hotpot/stew, turkey stew with carrots and corn, pork and apple savoury, Mediterranean vegetables, pasta with sauce, chicken and celery supper, fish and cheese pie, shepherd’s pie, raspberry sorbet and et cetera.

In conclusion, it’s a practical guide recommended for first time parents. The content is straight forward, simple and easy to follow.

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Sara Lewis. How to Feed your Baby with Healthy Homemade Meals (London: Hermes House, an Imprint of Anness Publishing Ltd, 1996, 2006, 2010)

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