Hu Yuan Premier Beef Noodle (滬園金牌牛肉麵) at Taipei 101, Taiwan


Things can get really chilly out there in Taiwan, especially when you’re visiting around this season or next season when the weather is really cold. Regardless of how cold the weather is, the best part about Taiwan is that there are many food around that could make you warm and fuzzy in a jiffy, beef noodles being one of them.

Hu Yuan Premier Beef Noodle (滬園金牌牛肉麵) at Taipei 101

Right at the food court of Taipei 101 which is a hotspot when it comes to tourist attractions, is a stall called 滬園金牌牛肉麵.

What I like about this stall is that the menu is tourist friendly as it is tri-lingual. At a glance, the it seems as if the restaurant has 24 dishes and a whole lot of sides to offer but on closer scrutiny you’ll come to notice that the lower half is a duplicate of the upper half with just the language changed, the lower half being English and Japanese.

Hu Yuan Premier Beef Noodle (滬園金牌牛肉麵) at Taipei 101

I ordered item #7 which was Steamed Beef Noodle Soup, all I wanted was the beef and noodle. I must say I’m very well pleased with the portion I got for NT 150. My tasty beef noodle soup was ready for pickup just a minute or 2 upon ordering, talk about amazing speed, they could take on speed cooking challenge any day!

The walk from counter to table was accompanied by the aroma of beef emanating from the hot bowl, my table wasn’t far away from the counter but the excitement just builds up as one closes in on the table for the feast!

Hu Yuan Premier Beef Noodle (滬園金牌牛肉麵) at Taipei 101

Thick and juicy beef, raise them up from the bowl with glee and let each bite give you a pause in time as you savor the beefy goodness, yummy yummy! Of course the meal wouldn’t be complete without the noodle, they included a generous portion of greens as well. As for the soup, I guess you’d figure it out by now that the soup has to be good in order for the beef to taste good, after all it’s the soup that adds flavor to the beef. The soup was good indeed but I felt that it’s rather heavy on the pepper.

There are also side dishes in case you fancy having a wider range of taste to accompany you through your meal.

Hu Yuan Premier Beef Noodle (滬園金牌牛肉麵) at Taipei 101

If you’re at Taipei 101 and yearn for some beefy goodness, 滬園金牌牛肉麵 is the place to go. Location guide is available at Taipei 101 directory. The restaurant opens at around 11AM, don’t go there too early unless you don’t mind lounging around in the dark. 🙂

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