In-Flight Breakfast on Malaysia Airlines (MAS)


The flight from Kuala Lumpur to Taipei, Taiwan with Malaysia Airlines (MAS) in the wee hours of the morning has given me an opportunity to cover MAS economy class in-flight breakfast.



The breakfast begins almost an hour after the plane takes off. Here are glimpses of the fare.

Fish Fillet and Rice Set


Chicken Spaghetti Set


Buurps’ Experience

The choices available are penchant towards our local taste. I must say that it is a satisfactory breakfast experience as each comes with an appetizer, a main course with vegetable salad and a fruit-based dessert.

The appetizer for the meal is a warm butter spread bun. The main course options are either fish or chicken, with both sets scored decently in my book. Both fish and chicken are properly cooked and the vegetable salad comes in satisfactory proportion while the dessert, peach tart is delicious but a little too sweet to my liking. As for beverages, available to us are apple juice, mineral water, tea and coffee.

My only wish for the breakfast meal is that they include dairy milk. Overall, it is a balanced breakfast meal offered by the Malaysian Airlines (MAS) and there is still plenty of rooms for improvement in the area of quality.

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