Mile High Burger at Carl’s Jr


The bunting for Carl’s Jr’s Mile High burger looked fabulous, the name alone implies that it’ll be a tall burger, well that seems like a good enough reason to give this burger a shot.

Mile High Burger at Carl's Jr

And so I placed an order, RM 16.90 for the burger, RM 21.70 for the combo. I ordered the combo and paid nearly RM 25 for it.

*Order the burger fast and you’ll sound like you’re scolding profanities!

Mile High Burger at Carl's Jr

The burger arrived, it doesn’t seem to be any much taller than the rest of the burgers from CJR and what horrified me was the overall quality of the burger.

Mile High Burger at Carl's Jr

Yup, look at the beef patty. When the patty is thinner than a cut of fries then something’s REALLY wrong. I felt cheated, I paid RM 25 for this crap? I could’ve ordered a burger from TGIF or Chilis at around RM 25 and get to have the patty being a medium!

Mile High Burger at Carl's Jr

Was the burger good? No, not at all. You get 8 onion rings that are heavily powder coated and a piece of patty that’s so thin you could’ve mistaken it for a coaster or a rag on the floor. The patty was not only thin, it was dry. The cheese doesn’t even melt properly so they might as well just call the burger Big Onion Burder, BOB if abbreviated.

I’m totally disappointed at how Carl’s Jr’s supposedly MILE HIGH burger turns out to be an all time LOW.

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