Pezzo Pizza, Singapore


What do you do when you just finished lunch and still feel a bit hungry? You look for snacks, and so I decided that Pezzo’s single slice of pizza to be the snack to fulfill this noble purpose.

Pezzo Pizza Singapore

The big bright pink label yells for attention, once you give in to the bait, the sight of golden pizzas will entice you to savor them. Sure it might not happen to you but that’s what happened to me.

I must admit that going around the Food Junction that’s between RaffleCity and Marina Square, I thought Pezzo is one of those random pizza selling joints. What I didn’t know was that Pezzo is quite a big name in Singapore with almost 20 outlets now.

Pezzo Pizza Singapore

Anyway, the thought of Pezzo’s pizza lingers in my head even as I walked away. I eventually returned the next day, as I mentioned, to allow this Pepperoni Pizza to fulfill this noble purpose of keeping my hunger away, I get very cranky when left hungry *RAWR*.

Pezzo Pizza Singapore

Let’s just say I’ve never come across any pepperoni pizza that has pepperoni covering the ENTIRE surface, even to overlap. No la where got? Malaysia punya pizza stingy punya la, on picture look nice but actual stuff no goodings wan.

Moving along, I was pleasantly surprised at what stood before me. For S$4.50 I get this huge piece of pizza that’s laden with pepperoni (I said that earlier, did I not?) and on and underneath the pepperoni were generous amounts of cheese. I also like that the pizza’s crust is thin and that the sides aren’t some thing fluffy (and usually semi-hardened) wall of flour that’s good to made into a door-stop. Overall it was a lovely experience, I would’ve had more but I was running short on funds and I was also lacking of storage area in my tummy.

Pezzo Pizza – you now have a sign of approval from a Malaysian, I may not be the first but heck, why no one tell me about this pizza wan?!?!?!? I no hepi people hide gooding pizza away from my knowledge. 😛

Love Pizza? Here’s the place to go Pezzo Pizza.

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