The Fake Eggs Story


The fake eggs story had recently resurfaced in Klang Valley. The news sent shock waves and spread like wild fire within the community through social media platforms. A video clip of a woman who allegedly found the egg yoke of the eggs bought from a retail market in Klang Valley to be unusually rubbery and springy in texture went viral. In response to the situation, the Health Ministry immediately issued a reassuring statement that it was merely rumours on the social media platform and the fake eggs flooding the market story was unfounded.


We are revisiting the story to explore this grey area of the food production with no intention to strike fear or worry to the masses but merely garnering perspectives. The video below shares about the secret investigation on how fake eggs are chemically made in China.

Getting things done by hook or by crook to ensure the end justify the means are nothing new. Sadly, it’s not an uncommon practice in today’s society as it disguised undetectably well in different wrappings.

People become ruthless and have the audacity to go about making a living for themselves without showing concern towards others when money is concerned. “Your loss is NOT my concern so long as I can make big bucks and afford the whole world for myself and my dearest” mentality is a threat to any civic-minded society.

As a consumer point of view, some things are difficult to tell the difference. Worse, if you’re in a community that is not equipped with the proper facility to protect the consumers, truly I must say “sorry, you’re on your own”.

While it remains undeniably true for some community that it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there and despite their lifestyle may not be condone by all but life goes on for them. They may probably justify their heartless act by saying, “I have many mouths to feed at home and are you there to help me when I couldn’t bring food on the table?” in order to validate the action as an act of survival.

Whatever may be the reason or justification given, remember the saying of a proverb “what you sow so shall you reap”.

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