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More than Chia‘ is a product of Love Earth – a brand from Wide Tropism Trading Sdn Bhd. ‘More than Chia‘ comes in sachet form of milled chia, ‘lo hon go’ (scientific name: Momordica Grosvenori) and prebiotic that will give you additional benefits. Click the image to enlarge.


The box is comprised of 16 sachets of powdered substance with 20gm each and it goes well with any warm beverage. The powder substance turns brownish and gooey when it comes in contact with water and it is recommended to use up to 250ml of water for each sachet.


With the right portion of water, the powdery substance will turn into a bland soluble with slight nuttiness and floral flavour. Our preference goes to mixing it with a warm beverage such as with a cup of cereal milk or chocolate milk. The flavours of ‘More Than Chia‘ is subtle and will not overwhelm the flavour of your beverage. Every sip will have you chewing a little before the swallow. Chia seeds are known to be nutritious and the sachets form comes in handy when you need a quick drink to stay afloat with your busy schedule.

How Much and Where to Get It

Priced at RM45.00 per box, the product ‘More than Chia‘ can be found at Jaya Grocer, Ben’s Independent Grocer (BIG), Village Grocer Bangsar and online – Rakuten.com.my. You may follow them at Facebook for more enquiries, promotion and updates. Feel free to contact Love Earth directly should you wish to know the exact location on where you can buy the item.

The location where the item is sold:
Jaya Grocer – Empire Subang, Jaya 33, Bukit Jelutong, Intermark, Mutiara tropicana, Pheonix Cheras Sentral, Damansara Perdana, The Main Place, KLIA 2, Sierramas.

About Chia Seeds

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