Handcrafted Beef Bacon Crusted Ribs at TGI Fridays


Beef Bacon on Beef Ribs seems like a good idea so we thought we’d give this reasonably recent addition to their menu a try.

Now now, I can hear you naysayers going “SAY NO TO BEEF BACON!” but c’mon guys, give it a chance? Beef bacon isn’t all bad you know. 😀


While I understand that photos are for illustration purpose, I think what we were served was quite far off from the photo. 🙁 The crust had very little beef bacon shreds while being overwhelmed with rather large amount of BBQ sauce that drowned the flavor of the beef bacon altogether.

Secondly, I think it’ll be great if TGI Fridays could serve a bowl of healthy green salad as depicted in the photo instead of just coleslaw. On a positive note, the french fries was good and I wish they serve it in greater quantity.


Back to the beef ribs, overall it was good but not the best. The meat was on the tough side and not as juicy as what I hoped for, I had better ribs at places like Morganfield’s and even Bubba Gumps (they serve really good ribs!).

The Handcrafted Beef Bacon Crusted Ribs costs RM 59.90, not including tax and it does not come with drinks. The portion is huge so you might want to consider having a lunch partner or be prepared to take away the leftover if you’re dining alone.

Should you head out immediately to savor this dish? Nope, I don’t think so. It’s fine if you’re having a crave for beef ribs and TGI Fridays is the only diner nearby but if you’re looking for true beef rib satisfaction then I recommend heading elsewhere.

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