KFC Golden Egg Crunch Chicken Promotion


With Chinese New Year fast approaching, it’s not surprising everyone has their CNY specialty. KFC decided to go with egg yolk coated fried chicken (among a few other offerings) and I decided to put myself up as the guinea pig for the benefit of Malaysian-kind.


A few pieces of paper from my wallet were sacrificed in exchange for the promotion package, the good thing was that I wasn’t left disappointed.


For the chicken, just imagine it’s the hot & spicy with greater fragrance with slight hint of egg yolk and leaves. I reckon it’s somewhere in between their Thai flavored and Hot & Spicy variants. Overall it was good, how good your experience pretty much depends on the outlet and the time you visit. If the chicken served was small and dry, probably you visit them at a bad time.

The offer comes with mango juice and an option of either french fries or chicken rice, I went for the chicken rice option and suffice to say that the rice wasn’t disappointing. The rice was sufficiently moist and I’m just glad they didn’t serve horrible white-rice when it’s stated “chicken rice”.

Let’s just say this is one of the few offerings around where what I see is what I get, unlike some burger brands that promote 0.5″ thick burger patty that ends up thinner than a cut of french fries, pardon my rant.

So if you’re thinking of giving this promotion from KFC a try, please do so. 🙂

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