‘Little Kitchen Around the World’ by Sabrina Parrini


Little Kitchen Around the World‘ is a fun and colourful food recipe book recommended for children within the age of 7- to 12-years old. ‘Cooking international food at home’ is the focus of the book and the aim is to create diverse culinary experiences that will broaden their view of the world.


The content’s approach is straight-forward and easy-to-follow. The recipes are grouped into simple category for children’s easy understanding – lunch, dinner, sides, biscuits and cakes, and desserts. The book starts with a quick briefing on safety, ingredients, equipments and cooking tips.


Each recipe is structured into an easy-to-follow format – recipe title, country origin, cooking difficulty rating, serving portion, a short introduction of the food, ingredients and equipments required, and followed by the step-by-step directions.


Oh, it is a wonderful method to introduce the world to the children! As they learn to cook recipes of different countries found in the book, surely the effort will spark their curiosity and stir the desire to learn about the world they lived in.

Featuring 36 recipes from Morocco, Thailand, Italy, Mexico, England, Australia and many other countries; the book has interesting facts about the countries scattered throughout. Any unusual ingredients are explained in the glossary at the back of the book.

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Sabrina Parrini. Little Kitchen Around The World (Victoria: Hardie Grant Books (Australia), 2011)

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