Proper Glove Removal Techniques to Prevent Cross Contamination


Cross contamination is the process by which bacteria or other micro organisms are unintentionally transferred from one substance or object to another, with harmful effect. The lack of compliance to hygiene and food safety in food handling could allow the spreading of harmful bacteria that lead you to food poisoning.


Hand hygiene is the most basic strategy to prevent cross contamination. The uptake of hand hygiene products such as gloves offer an inexpensive alternative but does not eliminate the need for hand hygiene. The proper usage and application will greatly reduce your risk of cross contamination.


Types of Gloves for Food Service Application
Hand Washing & Glove Use for Food Workers

Gloves should never be a substitute for hand hygiene and hand hygiene is essential every time gloves are donned and removed. You should not have alcohol-based hand rub (gel) to be applied over gloves.

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