The Meat Glue Secret


Did you know the existence of such trickery in the meat industry where by scrap meats are glued together to form cuts that can be sold for premium prices?


‘Meat glue’ is an enzyme known as transglutaminase naturally found in blood and has an amazing ability to bind protein together. When added to meat, it forms a nearly invisible and permanent bond to any meat. It is said to be safe and natural, but sources speak otherwise.

Did you know?

Transglutaminase‘ is primarily used in the commercial kitchen to:

• Make uniform portions that cook evenly, look good, and reduce waste
• Bind meat mixtures like sausages without casings
• Make novel meat combinations like lamb and scallops
• Produce special effects like meat noodles, meat and vegetable pastas (using gelatin as a binder), etc.

Additionally, it can thicken egg yolks, strengthen dough mixtures, thicken dairy systems, and increase yield in tofu production, among other useful applications.

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