Air Asia’s Inflight ‘Hot Meals’ for AK Flights



The return ticket to Singapore via Air Asia’s AK flights was an opportunity to experience Air Asia’s inflight ‘Hot Meals‘.

‘Chicken Satay Wrap’ Set

The ‘chicken satay wrap’ set was comprised of a ‘chicken satay wrap’, a pineapple tart, a ‘Kit Kat’ chocolate bar and a cup of mineral water.


The ‘chicken satay wrap’ with hints of spicy peanut sauce was good. The filling of the ‘wrap’ had a proportionate control of moisture and a good sizeable mix of chicken and crunchy vegetables.


The ‘burrito’ styled wrap made it convenient, clean, easy to handle and overall, a wholesome choice. The dessert (the pineapple tart and the ‘Kit Kat’ chocolate bar) did not score well in my book as the sweetness level was far from my liking.

‘Chicken Mayo with Apple Sandwich’ Set

The set came with six-inched ‘chicken mayo with apple sandwich’, a pineapple tart, a ‘Kit Kat’ chocolate bar and a cup of mineral water.


I must say, it was a disappointing meal – first, they ran out of pineapple tart and second, they took the easy way out by warming up the entire sandwich (fillings and the vegetable together). The leafy greens turned out overcooked – appeared looking limp, discoloured, has a mushy and a mild bitter mouthfeel.

The rich flavour of the chicken was nowhere to be found, instead a dense chlorophyll flavour from the vegetables overwhelmed the experience. It was NOT a ‘good hearty meal’ as claimed, as I gagged occasionally just to finish it.

You should know by now which menu I would avoid the next time, while the ‘Chicken Satay Wrap’ is a recommended choice especially for individuals who prefer to eat clean. You may drop the rest of the items in each set should you deem it unfit and it will definitely cost you lesser too.

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