Chobiko’s Miniature Art Recipe


Chobiko’s Miniature Art Recipe is a handicraft book specializing in food miniatures. If you have seen this past article – Miniature Food Items by April Yim, you’ll probably be wondering how is made.


It is a niche hobby and the petite nature of these miniatures is indeed a true test of being detailed. The accomplished works in the book are adorable and realistic.





The book is only available in Japanese. Sadly, I could not locate any English version of the book. Here is a look at the content page.


The content is structured similarly to a recipe book with a list of ingredients and materials needed and followed by a step-by-step guide that are displayed in pictorial format.


This section of book is the additional instructions on how to create the other materials used in the recipe.


The book provides a wonderful source of inspiration at the price of NT389.00 (RM44.20).

For more information, click, Facebook and website.


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