Reading Nutrition Label


Knowing how to read nutrition label is an important step in your grocery shopping ritual. Be an informed shopper and make sure you learn what label language means.


The graphic shows you three simple steps in using nutrition label.


The next graphics display what is in the nutrition label and how to read it. (Click the images to enlarge)




The last graphic is a break down of those confusing terminologies in nutrition label. (Click the images to enlarge)


These are useful tips you should be looking out for when you are purchasing processed food.

How to Read a Nutrition Label
Decoding the Nutrition Label
Food labels

A Point to Ponder

Some countries do not cover topic as such in their education system in which allows ignorance to flourish. Without proper facility and education, the consumers of these areas are left vulnerable to exploitation and manipulation of the capitalist market that is ruled by the free market of demand and supply.

When consumers do not read their food labels, why should the manufacturer place emphasis in providing proper nutrition details of a food product. It will be a loss to the consumers at the end of the day, don’t you think so?

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