The Good Housekeeping Test Kitchen Cookbook


The Good Housekeeping Test Kitchen Cookbook is a cookbook produced by the Good Housekeeping, the American trusted experts on home cooking. It shares more than 375 best recipes specially selected and triple-tested by the ‘test kitchen’ to be proven as any home cook’s essential collection. It is not your ordinary cookbook, let me explains ‘why’.


The book description,

The Good Housekeeping Test Kitchen buys approximately 17,000 pounds of food, perform 1,700 taste tests, and washes 77,000 dishes each year to make sure that every recipe works in any oven or stovetop, with any brand of ingredients, no matter what. For more than a century, the Good Housekeeping name has stood for quality and no one is more qualified to help you get perfect results in your kitchen.

The cookbook is 1-1/2 inches thick and contains more than 375 fabulous recipe ideas, organized in fourteen chapters presented in a three ring binder. The organization of the content is pretty impressive as it functions to ease user experience.


The chapters are titled in this fashion for a quick and easy browsing experience – appetizers & salads, soups & stews, poultry meat, red/white meat, fish & seafood, pasta & noodles, grains & beans, grilling cooking method, casseroles & one-pot meals, easy weeknight meals, meatless mains, breakfast & brunch, desserts: cookies, brownies, cake, pies & puddings.


Each tab is an indicator of a new chapter that allows a quick and easy way to select an entire data range. The flexibility of the three ring binder enables you to separate individual pages should you find the cookbook bulky.


Here is a glimpse of the content structure. For example, should you be a reader who wishes to explore recipes related to ‘grilling cooking method’, you would select a tab entitled ‘Grilling Outdoors & In’. The tab shows you a list of recipes with icons indicating the nature of the dish – heart healthy, low calorie, make-ahead, 30 minutes or less or slow cooker. This feature allows you to have a quick scroll through the recipes to find one that fits your needs.


Each chapter adopted a fixed format of approach for reader’s easy apprehension. The first part of each chapter shares expert’s cooking tips and recommendations from managing the menu to freezing and reheating.


And followed by the recipe ideas for the purpose of hands-on experience.


It is said to be a ‘true to go book’ with every recipe recommended to be triple-tested for ease, reliability and great taste. The cookbook also provides you a web link to 35 helpful how-to videos. Overall, it is a handy and practical all-in-one cookbook with more than a year’s worth of recipes to try and has impressive photo images of food that may leave you drooling for more.

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The Good Housekeeping Test Kitchen Cookbook (New York: Hearst Communications, Inc, 2011) 356, 357 and 365.

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