Going Cheap at ‘Eat Only 699’


The shop says 699, it says ‘Eat Only 699’ – will it still be 699 after GST? I don’t know about that but RM 6.99 with some tax is still a very reasonable price for food.

Going Cheap at Eat Only 699

‘Eat Only 699’ is a small restaurant that serves what seems to be local food. Apparaently the shop is named GERAI 699.

Going Cheap at Eat Only 699

Here’s the menu, printed on a single piece of paper – on the lower left corner you’ll see the RM 6.99 sets. I took the Ayam Penyet set

Going Cheap at Eat Only 699

What did I get? I get a set that comprises of rice, soup and chicken.

Going Cheap at Eat Only 699

Was it good? Nope, not even close. The plain rice is accompanied by a pathetic piece of chicken that’s not only tough but it is almost tasteless, the soup on the other hand was “full of taste” – a mad dash of pepper and whatever condiments to make it aromatic but one can tell this is a rather sub-standard soup.

If you have RM 6.99 to spare, McDonald’s is just a few minutes walk down the road. There are other eateries around that area as well.

Would I recommend this shop to others? No, absolutely not ……… unless you feel the urge to spend RM 6.99 (not inclusive of GST) to see what you can get out of it. The address is at 28G, Jalan SS15/4D, Subang Jaya.

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