Noor Chicken Rice at Low Yat Plaza, KL


Located at a one of the corners at Low Yat Plaza’s lower ground floor, Noor Chicken Rice caught my attention for being the best decorated restaurant and one that’s being reasonably crowded.

Noor Chicken Rice

I decided to take the plunge for their RM 10.90 Hainanese Chicken Rice. The restaurant itself is very well decorated, with bright lights and the choice of furniture that’s commonly seen in middle / upper class Malay residences. I didn’t take more pictures because it was quite crowded and I wouldn’t want to cause unrest to the patrons.

Noor Chicken Rice

The package looks decent but taste wise it’s just average. The chicken lacks the ooomph that one could have at the street side hawkers that costs far less, the rice is alright but not great and doesn’t carry the aroma as expected from chicken rice. The soup? Well it’s pretty much a clear soup with some pepper and taste powder added on it.

Noor Chicken Rice

Overall, the chicken rice was barely passable despite being one of their recommended items. This happens to be the only shop I ever come across where the waitresses wear extremely tight clothing despite donning hijab.

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