Oxson N-128MX Automatic Homemade Pasta Machine


Oxson N-128MX Automatic Homemade Pasta Machine is an easy, reliable, practical and time-saving device to make homemade noodles/pasta. Complain no more about having to undergo tedious dough kneading work that may take half of your day.


With the device built using the German technology, your life is made easier as the kneading chore has been cut short to only 5 minutes without you lifting a finger. It is really that easy and fast. The technology is known for its patented 2 in 1 with 360 degree kneading rotation technique and it dries the pasta with extrusion design.


Product Specifications

Power: 180W
Voltage: 220 ~ 240V
Net Weight: 4.2 kg
Product Dimension: 350 mm (H) x 160 mm (W) x 300 mm (D)
Colour: Silver, Black and White

The mechanism is simple and the parts are easy to assemble and clean. Here are the breakdown of parts:






There are many benefits of homemade pasta/noodles. It can be a fun and easy DIY activity should you be of those who desire for a personal preference in the appreciation of pasta/noodles. Fresh and healthy ingredients can be added, while additives that have harmful effects are removed from the ingredients, making it more nutritious, natural and a healthy choice for you.

The machine has six types of nozzles that shape the pasta/noodle of your choice.


Each nozzle design creates different pasta shapes – flat thin shape (suitable for Shanghainese flat noodles, Japanese Udon, Thai Pad Thai, Linguine); zig zag shape (suitable for cookies, Oriental and Western Pastries, Ravioli); flat broad shape (suitable for Cantonese egg noodles, Chinese Dao Xiao Mian, Fettuccini); small cylindrical shape (suitable for Chinese Long Xu Mian, Cantonese Shrimp Roe Noodles, Capallini); hollow shape (suitable for Macaroni or Penne) and cylindrical shape (suitable for Japanese ramen, Cantonese oil noodles, Spaghetti).

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Buurps Experience

All you need is basic ingredients – a cupful of wheat flour, an egg, a teaspoon of oil, 25 ml water and salt (optional).


Other types of flour are not recommended but you may add a little bit of almond powder, black sesame powder, finely chopped parsley and etcetera into your wheat flour. The water can be replaced with a selective range of fluids from grains, nuts, vegetables and fruits such as soya milk, almond milk, hazel milk, chlorophyll, carrot, tomato, beetroot, apple, and more. The video will illustrate the process.

The raw pasta is to be cooked in boiling hot water, followed by a quick rinse with cold water and finally back to the boiling water. The cooking time is estimated to be around 2-3 minutes. The cooked pasta is to be seasoned with sauces of your choice and assembled by adding other ingredients.


The cooked pasta/noodle in the image has been seasoned with oyster sauce (1 tablespoon), light soya sauce (1 tablespoon) and onion oil (1 teaspoon) and served with salted egg, wakame seaweed, luncheon meat and to top it off with fried onion slices.


The raw pasta tends to clump up, therefore be quick to agitate the pasta as soon as it is poured into the boiling hot water. Cooking time that is longer than 3 minutes will expand the size and soften the texture of the pasta. The overall pasta’s texture when consumed may not be as fine in comparison to the work of an artisan. However the machine can be a good trade off should you be a consumer who do not mind the reduced quality of the texture over the desire for a healthy homemade pasta/noodle served up to you in less than thirty minutes.

A special note – the machine is best recommended for light weight production load as the motor has limited capacity. The usage should never be for heavy duty and each interval rest of the machine requires at least 5 minutes.

The machine is an easy, reliable, practical and time saving device that could the right one for you should you desire for a personal preference of pasta/noodles. It is priced at RM 1,099, click here to know more of the product, vendor and to arrange appointment for a product demonstration, or contact Jess (+6012 672 6362) and Kson (+6010 226 7189).

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