‘Parties, Potlucks & Barbecues: Recipes for Casual Gatherings’ by Taste of Home


Weekend is normally the time to catch up with people and it would not be complete without a proper meal. There are many options as to where to dine-out but there remains a group who prefers a personal touch in bringing forth their sincerity and affections by hosting gatherings. ‘Parties, Potlucks & Barbecues: Recipes for Casual Gatherings‘ by Taste of Home is a recipe cookbook which may meet your needs should you seek for recipe ideas to cater for such occasions.


Book description,

‘Parties, Potlucks & Barbecues’ is brimming with over 360 recipes ideal for summer-time entertaining. And, you can cook with confidence knowing that every recipe was tested by the professional home economists in the Taste of Home Test Kitchen – the same group that brings you ‘Taste of Home’ magazine, America’s number 1 cooking magazine.

Assuming the role of a host in gatherings or even if you are assigned to handle a dish in a potluck session is no easy task considering the volume of food you may have to prepare, the planning and the organization of work behind the scene to ensure comfort and hospitality as the top priority for your guests.

The book will give you the assistance in the area of food preparation. It contains many recipe ideas that mostly can be prepped in 30 minutes or less and suggesting fret free cooking methods – using the oven, slow-cooker, stovetop and grill that allows food to be easily prepared and ready to serve. The content is structured to cover the entire dining experience from appetizers, main course to desserts.


‘Getting Started’ briefly shares tips and guides on potluck, picnic, grilling and food handling; ‘Little Bites’ is comprised of easy-to-make dips, spreads, snacks mixes and roll-ups; ‘Refreshing Coolers’ recommends you refreshing and chilling beverage recipe ideas; ‘Lazy Weekend Brunches’ gives you ideas on make-ahead brunch fare that only requires a baking before serving and quick egg dishes that can be ready in minutes; ‘Main Attraction’ offers you hearty entree ideas, like hams, turkey and roasts that require a few quick minutes of prep before roasting in the oven; ‘From the Grill’ reveals recipes related to searing good steaks, burgers, chicken, kebabs and more; ‘Handy Sandwiches’ is all about a variety of sandwiches; ‘Slow & Easy’ provides you recipe ideas that has lengthy preparation time, normally for 2 hours or more; ‘Covered Dishes’ contains recipe ideas related to casserole dishes; ‘Just for Kids’ is a section for children taste preferences as it contains recipe ideas that are colourful, in bite sizes and healthy choices; ‘Party Salads’ is comprised of salad recipe ideas; ‘Crowd-Pleasing Sides’ brings you all-time favourite recipe ideas; and ‘Sweet Endings’ shows you a list of sweet desserts recipe ideas from pies, brownies, cakes, cookies and frozen treats that are perfect endings to your marvellous meals.

The presentation of each recipe follows the standard cookbook format – ingredients, directives, preparation time and portion size.


With over 300 scrumptious recipes of the Western flavours, the book serves as a good source of reference for food ideas of any casual gathering. Click here to learn more of the book.


Taste of Home. Parties, Potlucks & Barbecues: Recipes for Casual Gatherings (Greendale: Reiman Media Group, Inc., 2006), 3, 78 – 79.

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