‘Casseroles, Slow Cooker and Soups’ by ‘Taste of Home’


Slow cooking is said to offer a healthier, low-fat method of cooking and require a minimum amount of effort. ‘Casseroles, Slow Cooker and Soups‘ by ‘Taste of Home’ is a cookbook that shares home-styled Western recipe ideas using the three slow cooking methods – oven baking, slow cooker and simmering.


Book description,

This 3-in-1 collection of delicious one-dish meals will impress your family and save you time in the kitchen! Casseroles, Slow Cooker & Soups contains 536 taste-tempting recipes from readers of Taste of Home, the world’s number one food and entertaining magazine.

The content is marshaled into the three main categories of slow cooking methods – casserole recipes, slow cooker recipes and soup recipes.
The ‘casseroles recipes’ are creamy creation of the oven, perfect for family dinners, potlucks and brunches.


The ‘slow cooker recipes’ allow your food to cook slowly while you are away at work or play.


The ‘soup recipes’ contain some recipes that requires slow simmering for hours, while others are ready in just minutes.


The book covers from appetizers to entrees, main dishes, sides, desserts, soups and even beverages. Each recipe is structured in a standard cookbook format – ingredients, preparation time, cooking time, serving size and cooking instructions. The content is clear, straight forward and easy to follow.


As time is a luxury for many, these slow cooking methods could be your answer. Click here to know more of the book.


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