Japanese Rice Seasoning Mix – Nagatanien Horseradish


If you have not tried any Japanese rice seasoning mix, this article shares our experience with one of the brands – Nagatanien horseradish rice seasoning mix (Nagatanien Otonano Furikake Wasabi). It is available at Jusco AEON and priced between RM6.00 to RM10.00* (before the implementation of GST).


The packet contains five individual sachets recommended for 1 serving each. The usage however is subjected to the portion size of your rice.


For best result, the product goes well with Japanese sushi rice recipe (the short-grain rice seasoned with vinegar, sugar and salt). The dry ingredients found in the mix are comprised of wasabi powder, dried bonito powder, soya sauce, green tea extract, bonito flakes, yeast extract, sesame seed, safflower dye, palm oil, maltose, flour, potato starch, sugar and salt.


The fusion of ingredients of the mix made a perfectly tasty and familiar Japanese flavours packed with a balance sweet and savoury experience. Some dried small shrimps can be great a complementary item to go along with the experience.

There are many ways to experience the mix, one of which is to serve as a condiment for your onigiri (Japanese rice ball) making, or eating it plain as toppings like how we did it. There are other types of flavours too from different brands; we hope you do give them a try.

Click here to learn more of the product.

* Before Correction: “It is available at Jusco AEON and priced at almost RM10.00 (before the implementation of GST)”. Our apology for the inaccuracy.

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