Plum Flavoured Potato Chips


A little curiosity had led me to pick up a ‘plum’ flavoured potato chips at NT$25 from one of the 7-Eleven outlets in Taipei, Taiwan. Ever wondered how does it taste like? And so the brief food adventure began.


With much excitement, I opened it up to discover the content was merely a third of the bag and the colour of the chips were not pinkish as illustrated on the packaging.


The verdict – The flavour is almost similar to a ‘ketchup’ flavoured potato chips. The ‘ketchup’ flavour has a mild tomato flavour and a balance taste of sweet, sour and salty; while the ‘plum’ flavoured potato chips has a hint of fruity taste, sweet, salty and an unforgettable sourness that can be a little overwhelming.


The experience started well at the beginning but it gradually became a struggle as the sourness took a toll on the taste bud, not something I prefer. However surely those who enjoy sour food may find the flavour appealing.

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