Smoked Salmon Sandwich at The Junction, First World Plaza – Genting Highlands


First World Plaza is a shopping centre located below the First World Hotel, the biggest hotel in Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia. It is a place packed with visitors and has plenty of places to dine but the variety of food seems limited – the cuisines of Oriental, Continental, local favourites, snacks/cafe concept shops are common. With honesty, I can’t help but to whine ‘everywhere I go serves almost a similar variety’ and eventually I made a pit stop at this place, called ‘The Junction’. It’s a snacks/cafe concept shop situated near the First World Hotel lobby that serves a variety sweet treats, pastries and sandwiches.


With a quick glance at the glass fridge, the vibrant coloured smoked salmon sandwich with a delicious robust looking leaves as fillings call for my attention and so I made my order with a special request – have it a quick heat.


To my horror and disbelief, the sandwich arrived in this manner.


I almost burst out in tears. Again!? I felt a sense of déjà vu – Air Asia’s ‘Chicken Mayo with Apple Sandwich’ and it’s hard to comprehend why the staff couldn’t tell the difference. Who heats up leafy vegetable together with the rest of the sandwich? Who enjoys eating overcooked or withered leaves?

Despite these grouses, I eventually finished it by removing the damaged leaves. The flavours of smoked salmon are predictably delicious but the entire experience would have been better if the staff provides a proper service. It’s my bet for assuming.

If ever you wish to request for a quick heating up of sandwiches, a few precise directives to the staff on your part might assist them in fulfilling your intended desires. It’s priced at RM12.50 and do you think I get my value back?

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