Stewart’s Fountain Classics – Cream Soda


Stewart’s tops my list when it comes to Root Beer but it seems that their Cream Soda is excellent as well.


The 355ml light-orange colored soda retails at RM 5.90 from Jaya Grocer, and it’s pretty close to the description on the bottle – “Creamy Vanilla Taste”. The taste is very different to typical Cream Soda like say those from F&N, in fact if I were to be given this drink without looking at the label I would’ve mistaken it for a root beer.

One thing’s for sure is that Stewart’s Cream Soda is very soothing drink, the taste is sufficiently sweet and very far from being “gassy” like other soda drinks. It’s not priced like the common Cream Soda but that’s what you pay for something of this quality. 🙂 Try it if you love Cream Soda, you might just not settle for the “common” ones after tasting this.


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