Bickford’s Old Style Soda – Original Kola


This is my first attempt at yet another Australian brand, and luckily it’s not Koala flavored as well!


Don’t expect it to taste anything like Coca-Cola though, this RM 4.50 drink I bought from Jaya Grocer is best described as a sweet tasting cough mixture, and I kid you not. That’s not to say it’s bad at all because it isn’t, I think it’s a taste that we rarely come across so it might taste awkward to the unfamiliar but in my opinion, it’s something worth trying if you fancy imported soda drinks.

Bickford’s Old Style Sodas are said to be faithful to traditional recipes developed more than 70 years ago, following their values of quality handcrafted drinks. These bottles are of 275ml and are non-alcoholic in nature.

More details at the Bickford’s Old Style Soda page.

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