Porky Goodness at Iberico Kitchen, Oasis Damansara


I’m pretty much a regular at Oasis Damansara, regular enough to notice the opening of Iberico Kitchen since early last year and that it’s been around for a good year or so. 😀 I’ve always wanted to try out this joint but the opportunity never came, either it was wrong time or the day or I didn’t feel like having a heavy dinner. Opportunity finally came today when as I happen to be at Oasis Damansara, at around 6PM which is a horrible time to leave this jam-ridden place, I decided to chill-out at Iberico Kitchen and savor what they had to offer.

Porky Goodness at Iberico Kitchen

Now if you’ve been to Oasis Damansara over the past year, you’ll probably notice this diner that’s situated at a corner of one of the office blocks.

The restaurant is very dimly lit, and it’s unevenly lit too. During the day, the brightest area would be the tables near the window. At night, it’s still the same, it was as if the diner was designed to house customers based on preference in lighting intensity. Shakira and some other instrumental music were playing during the course of my stay.

Porky Goodness at Iberico Kitchen

What does one do at a place that serves pork? One orders pork, that’s what I did – a quarter rack of spare ribs. I took the original flavored spare ribs (RM 54) and the order arrived at my table in under 15 minutes, seeing that I’m the only diner at that time, it is reasonable to assume that the preparation time may take a little longer when there’s a crowd.

Porky Goodness at Iberico Kitchen

Now about the spare ribs, the quarter rack comes with just 4 sticks of bones and upon the dish’s arrival, you will be provided a plastic glove. I was taken aback by it because no other diner ever offered the plastic gloves, however this is an excellent move. If they had not offer me the gloves, I’d be in a very messy state considering how the spare ribs were.

You see, the spare ribs were just simply awesome. Pardon me for the lack of words to describe the dish but really it is as what I said, I’ve tasted the pork ribs served at countless other restaurants but none of them are as savory as this……… other than Morganfields, even so the ones from Morganfields does not carry the aroma and tenderness of the ones here at Iberico Kitchen.

As you can see from the photo below the spare ribs were prepared with care, maintaining a good balance between wellness and moisture while retaining the succulent nature of pork.

Porky Goodness at Iberico Kitchen

Spare ribs you ask? Highly recommended it is. One thing I must caution would-be visitors is that DO NOT expect it to be like some beef ribs where you get a whole lot of meat on each bone. Let’s call it a trade-off, you get very tasty spare ribs (read : QUALITY) but their quantity isn’t what the lay person would’ve expected.

Ribs aside, I thought of trying something else, so I ordered The Carbonara. Thank fully I had light lunch much earlier so I was able to handle both dishes with ease. The portion of The Carbonara (RM 29) is huge and there are 2 other things I like about it. The first being that the spaghetti is cooked to perfection and the creamy sauce was in generous amount. The second thing I like about this dish is the pork that’s served along with it, tender and juicy – believe it or not it actually somewhat reminds me of expensive beef.

Porky Goodness at Iberico Kitchen

Now a few things I must address in this article regarding Iberico Kitchen.

Firstly, the place is rather warm despite having 4 air-conditioners at the entrance and a few other air-conditioners placed above the diners. My guess was that the air-conditioner at the entrance wasn’t on, I remember seeing the air-conditioners but I do not remember feeling it when I was at the entrance.

Secondly, there are no power sockets near any of the tables so you can forget about bringing a notebook computer over and chill out or have long meeting with buddies.

Thirdly, the workers are courteous and friendly but they do go blank when you ask more complex stuff, it’s as if I’m in some other country.

Lastly – Why la charge me 50 sen for plain ice water. 😀 No need la, ice water only leh.

Porky Goodness at Iberico Kitchen

In any case, I ended my meal feeling satisfied. Sure, it wasn’t cheap but the food was well worth the price.

Contact Details

Iberico Kitchen
Block D, unit D-G-07, Oasis Square, Jalan PJU 1A/7A Ara Damansara, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Opening Hours : Everyday | 11:00 am – 3:00 pm | 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ibericokitchen/

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