Wendy’s Fish Sandwich


Surf into the festive New Year with our all-new “Fresh Off The Boat” Fish Sandwich. Comes with 3pcs of golden Fish Fingers topped with delectable “Summer Dressing” and your favourite cheese slice, it’s a burger that will keep you hungry for more!

Wendy's Fish Sandwich

With the offer ending on 13th March, I’ve decided to give it a go and thankfully the burger turned out alright.

Wait – burger? If you look at the bun and how it’s looks like, it’s just like any other of Wendy’s burger so I have no idea why they named it “sandwich”.

Wendy's Fish Sandwich

The star of this meal is the 3-sticks of fish-fingers, they taste good and I am happy to see that it’s not another version of the horrible “fish” stuff from McD.

Wendy's Fish Sandwich

Here’s a closer look at the fish finger, not bad at all.

Wendy's Fish Sandwich

At RM 11.50, the price is a fair higher than what McD’s Filet o Fish but what you get is a cup of lemonade, better french fries and a much better burger (or sandwich, if you may call it). Oh and while the lemonade tastes good, I suggest that you tell the cashier to not put any ice or have reduced ice. For my test, the ice occupied more than half the cup even after I finished my meal.

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