Awesome Meat Treats at 小牛匠 Restaurant, Taipei


In a country where English is not the main language, it’s not uncommon to come across restaurants that are without any romanized names, such is this one that’s read as “Xiao Niu Jiang”, literally translated to Little Cow Master.

Awesome Meat Treats at 小牛匠 Restaurant, Taipei

The shop is without any grand facade but what lead me to this place were the many promotional billboards with delicious looking food. Apparently there are 2 branches of 小牛匠 within the Xi Men area itself.

I made my way up to the restaurant, it was around 10:30PM and I was one of the few diners around. The shop closes at midnight so there’s plenty of time to dine.

Awesome Meat Treats at 小牛匠 Restaurant, Taipei

I went with the Set Meal, I ordered the Sirloin Steak and ordered the add-on that allows me access to their buffet spread.

Awesome Meat Treats at 小牛匠 Restaurant, Taipei

Their buffet spread is limited – watermelon, Japanese noodle, soup and vegetables, not bad for just 49 NT extra.

Awesome Meat Treats at 小牛匠 Restaurant, Taipei

The host was generous to provide me additional finger-food while I await my sirloin steak, yummy!

Awesome Meat Treats at 小牛匠 Restaurant, Taipei

The Sirloin Steak cooked to medium arrived in just about 10 minutes, that’s extremely fast in my book!

Awesome Meat Treats at 小牛匠 Restaurant, Taipei

The beef – oh I can’t put in words how great it was, the meat was tender and juicy, more importantly the beef was in good form. There’s absolutely no hint that the meat is old or in sub-standard condition. I enjoyed every pit of it, paying just a little over 500 NT.

Their locations are as below, search the text on Google Maps.

– 台北市萬華區漢中街63號2F
– 台北市萬華區西寧南路117號2樓


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  2. What a great way to kick off December. Thanks so much. I think I'll store it in a gift box and tell them I'm giving them an early present- the gift of reading. Angie K

  3. Lovely analogy, Nick – here’s to a pocket full of shiny pebbles for all of us!PS I remember collecting pebbles…disappointment when they went drab – so I varnished the buggers! Now – I hope that doesn’t have implications for my writing…

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  5. Owh my owh my! Thanks a ton dearie Sonia!!! You are such a kind person. You remembered my request…really touched! Am definitely gonna try this…thanks again!!! Mouthwatering and lovely recipe 🙂

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