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Air Asia’s Inflight ‘Hot Meals’ for AK Flights

The return ticket to Singapore via Air Asia’s AK flights was an opportunity to experience Air Asia’s inflight ‘Hot Meals‘.

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In-Flight Breakfast on Malaysia Airlines (MAS)

The flight from Kuala Lumpur to Taipei, Taiwan with Malaysia Airlines (MAS) in the wee hours of the morning has given me an opportunity to cover MAS economy class in-flight breakfast.

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Taiwan Adventures – In Flight Dining with EVA Air

Taiwan Adventures – In-Flight Dining with EVA Air

The sight of the lovely blue gradient sky and how the cotton candy clouds move along just gives one a sense of serenity, however the serenity is often broken once the tummy’s marching band gets pumping! Fortunately, long haul flights often come with food. Some are great, some are bad. Does EVA Air’s in-flight food […]

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Meals on Flight with Malaysia Airlines (MAS)

As I was browsing around to see what others had on their flight on Malaysia Airlines, I stumbled upon this site called Airline Meals and I must say I’m very impressed by the database.

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