‘Best Smoothie Recipes’ App

Smoothies are ideal fuel-on-the-go beverage for anyone, including children at any time of the day. ‘Best Smoothies Recipes’ app contains a collection of tried and tested smoothie recipes for better health, body detox, more energy, faster weight loss and meal replacement.

‘Strawberry-Blackberry’ Children Game App

‘Strawberry-Blackberry’, is a ‘fruity’ game app that focuses on children’s cognitive development – the ability of a child to learn, think logically and solve problems. The app is designed for children of aged 3 to 7 and the concept of the game is based on the popular childhood game of

Healthy Salad Recipes App

Salad is a healthy option with minimal cooking effort for any time of the day. The ‘Healthy Salad Recipes’ app contains a collection of simple salad dressing ideas and ingredients to zest up your salad.

Healthy Drink’s Recipes App

Are you running low of healthy drink ideas? ‘Healthy Drink’s Recipes’ is an app that provides an awesome collection of healthy and delicious drink recipes. The recipes are comprised of fruits, vegetables, teas and cocktails that will give you the wholesome goodness you need.

Hello Kitty Cafe – App Review

Hello Kitty has turned 40 this year! She made her first appearance in 1974 and her fans grew throughout the world ever since. In conjunction with the worldwide celebration of Hello Kitty’s 40th Anniversary, let’s explore the app version of the brand – Hello Kitty Cafe.