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Niko Niko Onigiri

It’s hard to come by good onigiri but I’m glad to come across Niko Niko Onigiri. The brand isn’t new, I’ve seen them for years but never thought to give them a try until recently.

Culinary Knife Cuts

Did you know? One of the first things every beginning culinary student learns is how to execute various basic knife cuts and shapes. Even if you are not a student, knowing some basics come in really handy as it greatly enhance the visual appeal and ensure even/uniformed cooking time of

Tapped (2009) – Documentary

Tapped (2009) is a documentary film that examines the fate of today’s most basic resources – drinking water. Set within the parameter of the United States, the film examines the ecology, environmental impact and consequences of embracing the current trend of ‘bottled water’ as a commodity.

Premium Selections at Ninja Joe (Non-Halal)

Ahhh some porky goodness from Ninja Joe, their Premium Selection gives you quite a choice for them oinky stuff. So here’s their Premium Selection – I went for the Cheezilla because I love cheese. I only have enough stomach space for one, if not I would’ve also ordered the Sumo.

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