Jojo Little Kitchen Pan Mee @ Subang Jaya

It was on a hot afternoon of a mundane weekend, I was at Subang Jaya’s SS15 area, one that’s ever notorious for finding parking spaces as the chance of finding one is almost as good (or bad) as hoping for a good drop in an RPG game. I did get

Set Lunch at Inaho Sushi, The Curve

Unlike the other restaurants at The Curve, Inaho Sushi seems to be one that’s quite hidden despite it’s actually facing The Street, the open concourse area that leads to eCurve. *This restaurant is not related to Inaho, the main character of Aldnoah Zero anime.*

Naughty Babe Dirty Duck @ Desa Sri Hartamas

Long restaurant names are hard to come by and it’s even hard to come by one that makes your thought go the wrong direction, Naughty Babe Dirty Duck is one that nails both of those but really, there’s nothing naughty or dirty about them. πŸ˜€ Set your mind straight!

Viewing culinary appreciation in a proper light

As foodies, often we run a quick soul search on ourselves as to whether we really know how to appreciate food. We ask ourselves, where is the proper starting point in culinary appreciation – from the table or the food source itself? Does upbringing and family influence our choices and